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So at Mises U last week Stephan Kinsella was one of the speakers. I had a chance to talk to him and I mentioned that I wrote a novel and published it under Creative Commons because of his arguments...

Path of Grass

The Big Picture

I hope that when you start reading Path of Grass, you will see it as the beginning–and not the end–of my books. Even I don’t see it as my best work. I’ve decided to go ahead and publish it despite some flaws, because I can’t spend the rest of my life perfecting Path of Grass. I’ve learned lessons through writing Path of Grass that will serve me well in my next book (yes, I’m in the beginning stages of another novel). I expect my best work to come in many years, maybe decades.

While writing is a wonderful and inspiring thing for a young person, it can be devilishly hard. Why? The story I started four years ago is not the same story I finished and called Path of Grass. More than that, I wasn’t the same person. Young people change and grow and mature so quickly, there isn’t really time for them to complete a novel before they face problems and complexities that change the way they think about the world and themselves. So if there’s a problem with Path of Grass, it is that it lacks a basic coherency and base. It isn’t that when I started writing it, I was pro-war and am not anti-war. The theme and message has always been the same, but the way I handle the problem and the way my characters handle the problem of war changed while I was working on the book. While writing the book, I experienced things that gave me more insight into life and the problems therein. I think the most recently written sections of my book (mainly Part 3 and 4) reflect that new awareness.

However, I think it is refreshing to read something more hopeful and idealistic from time to time as the world around us is full of cynicism and pragmatism. I think it is refreshing to realize that there is a whole generation of young people rising up and expressing their great longing for liberty.

My home website is Veritas et Libertas: My Quest for Truth and Liberty. I haven’t reached the end of my quest yet, I’ve only just begun. Path of Grass is only one way in which I explore the implications of these ideas. I invite you to join me on this journey as we discover truth and liberty.

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