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Savannah Liston is a homeschool graduate living (happily) with her family on a farm in northern Illinois. She hated grammar lessons as a child but then decided to become a writer. Savannah also loves studying economics and the relationship between economics and liberty. She also enjoys teaching economics and history; she is a popular speaker at Tea Party meetings and other events. Ron Paul’s presidential campaign in 2008 inspired her to get involved in the battle for liberty and in 2009 she became the youngest county coordinator in the state of Illinois for the Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty. After discovering the joys of economics she decided to step down from the position to pursue educating herself and others. At a conference on Jekyll Island in February of 2010 she met Ron Paul. This was the greatest event of the whole year, besides going to the Mises Institute in Auburn Alabama for a week-long Mises University. Please don’t ask her to pick which of those momentous experiences were better, she couldn’t choose. After taking a hiatus from writing to get involved in political activism Savannah decided to use her love of writing to spread the message of liberty. Path of Grass is a project that has stretched over several years, from the first glimmer of a plot where a young girl lives in a German convent during World War II to the completed novel. Savannah Liston hopes you enjoy reading this book as much as she enjoyed writing it.


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