Path of Grass: Coming Soon to a Kindle Near You

So at Mises U last week Stephan Kinsella was one of the speakers. I had a chance to talk to him and I mentioned that I wrote a novel and published it under Creative Commons because of his arguments...

Path of Grass

Path of Grass is Done!

I wasn’t expecting the Path of Grass proof until Wednesday, but it came today! Woot :) So amazing. Incredible beyond words. I have to say that my cover designer and typesetter did such an awesome job making Path of Grass a beautiful thing to behold.

It is a really powerful feeling to hold your own book in your hands. I expect it is something like a mother holding her child for the first time, or in a very small way, like God beholding His newly-made world. “This is my book and it is good.”

I asked my sister to read Path of Grass tonight (didn’t have to do much convincing…) and I’ll try to look at it tomorrow as well. Hopefully tomorrow night I can approve it and then it will be released. Wow! Uber-exciting stuff going on this week  :)

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